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Dynamic of percussive enginnering

Mineral is present in a specific region. A region where diamond is present might not be the places for oil & gas which can be take out. The rock arrangement differs. The whole foundation is diverse. Therefore after identification of the mineral, appropriate process is selected for excavation. Drilling is one of the excavation processes and there are various types of drilling and percussive drilling is one of the old methods for drilling (Treadway, C., 1997). The objective of this study is to methodologically modeling & simulation of the structure under ultrasonic percussive drilling. The study focuses on intensive literature review that encompasses drilling methods and its various types such as rotary drilling, percussive drilling, rotary percussive drilling and other types of drilling. Literature review also assesses drill bits, but majorly focuses on percussive drilling, its Operation, its advantages & disadvantages, its development. Then the study encompasses mathematical models of Non-linear dynamics techniques with concepts of Bifurcation, Poincare map and chaos. Mathematical modelling & simulation of percussive drill application, preparation of mathematical model, attaining & analyzing the results of steady state response, understanding bifurcation and progression of the model over a range of static force. ...
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Dynamics of Percussive Engineering Abstract The earth is comprised of numerous mineral deposits that are yet in the process of discovery (Gunter, M.E., 2008). These investigations recognize the particular place where the mineral deposits will be recognized and then drilling process is made to extract & then finally refine the mineral…
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