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Reactive power compensation Name: Course: Institution: Reactive power compensation Question: An inductive load consists of a 10 ? resistor and 200 mH inductor supplied from a 240 V, and 50 Hz supply. (i) Capacitor value to help improve power factor to; Unity.


This is due to the fact that it has no reactive power at all. As a matter of fact, its reactive power is equivalent to zero. In this case, the power triangle mimics and horizontal line. This should logically be so noting that the opposite side which represents reactive power has a length of 0 cm. inappropriate power factor can be rectified, paradoxically, through addition of an extra load to the circuit. In essence, the added load is equivalent reactive power acting in an opposite direction. The addition cancels the effects resulting from a load's inductive reactance. Notably, only capacitive reactance can cancel the inductive reactance and hence a parallel capacitor is added to the provided circuit to act as the extra load. As a result of the impact resulting from the two reactance acting in opposite directions, and parallel to each other, the circuit's total impedance becomes equivalent to the entire resistance. This assists in making the impedance phase angle equivalent, or in the least tends towards zero. Having the knowledge that that the un-rectified reactive power is 561.724 VAR (inductive), there is a need to derive the right size of a capacitor to generate an equivalent amount of reactive power. ...
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