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Commonly known for manufacturing of mobile phones and tablets, Blackberry is one the world’s most famous telecommunication companies.


The purpose of this report was to make some key recommendations for the company to improve its market position, as well as revenue growth. The report included some major problems the company is facing at present. Decreased market share and decreased customer satisfaction level due to comparatively less impressive touch screen design were found to be the main problems for the company for which some key recommendations were given to the officials. The recommendations included development of Blackberry messenger service, manufacturing of music players and laptops, and sharing of the messenger service with competitors. Introduction - Global Overview of Issue Reaching a higher rank in today’s competitive business world and maintaining it for a long time is one of the biggest goals of almost every company belonging to any particular industry. If we talk about the companies belonging to the telecommunication industry, we can say that there is a strong competition among the companies because of ever increasing trend towards use of smart phones and latest wireless devices. In such a scenario, companies need to deliver attractive and innovative products to the customer not only to achieve competitive advantage but also to increase the customer base. However, doing all this is not an easy job and requires extensive thinking. is one of such companies which are currently facing huge financial crisis because of decreased customer satisfaction with their current product range. The company was considered one of the top smart phone brands of the world in the recent past because of its innovative products and high quality. ...
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