impact of Technology on Society (Automobile )

impact of Technology on Society (Automobile ) Essay example
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Impact of Technology on Society (Automobile) Introduction Technology is the use of specialized knowledge, tools, machines, structures, etc that is aimed to manufacture, modify or improve the input-output relationship of systems and thereby helping to attain a far more efficient, productive and profitable performance.


The automobile technology has had far reaching effects on the society. The advent of technology in the field of automobile has led to the design and production of high quality features of the automobiles used in the industry. The technological progress in the field of automobile has led to development in the cooling systems of engines, increased fuel efficiency of cars, advanced suspension and emission systems, increased horse-power, etc (Volti, 2004). The use of technologies has however, impacted the society by bringing about changes in the socio-economic lives of the people and also affecting the environmental conditions. Functions of society prior to use of technology The functions of the society prior to the invention and use of technology was primitive in nature. The people of the society were accustomed to undertake huge efforts in doing works like gathering of food, travelling from one place to another, sending messages for communication. The works of the society were done over longer period of time. The wooden chariots pulled by animals like horses, cows, buffaloes, etc. was used for moving from one place to another. The poorer sections of the society even had to walk long distances for the purpose of travelling from one place to another. ...
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