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Report: Carbon Reduction Action Plan By Student Name Course University Date Table of Contents Introduction 3 A Business’Carbon Footprint 3 The Need for Reducing the Business’ Carbon Footprint 4 Suitable Renewable Energy Technologies for the Organization 6 The Most Appropriate Renewable Energy Technology for this Organization 8 Business Case for Sustainable Development 9 Strategy for Sustainable Development 10 Vison for Sustainability 12 Declaration for Incorporating and Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility 13 Action Plan for Waste Management 14 Bibliography 16 Part 1: Report From: Facility Manager of SA Company To: Board of Directors Re: Action Plan for Reducing Carbon Introductio


The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 1997 encourages countries to make an effort to reduce carbon emissions. Corporate social responsibility requirements for all businesses has now expanded to include a duty to reduce and control carbon emissions (Lee, 2008). In other words, as a business organization, this organization is bound by legal and corporate social responsibility requriements to reduce and control carbon emissions. This report will identify the ways in which a business’s carbon footprint is made up, why there is a need for this organization to manage and control its carbon footprint, options for appropriate renewable energy solutions, recommendations in light of the building’s condition, type and location. ...
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