Effects of Consuming Ethanol on Body Temperature

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The effects of Ethanol on Body temperature Name Course Instructor Institution Date Abstract This essay aims at studying the effect that alcohol or ethanol has on body temperature, following its use in rescue missions by the St. Bernard’s dogs in cold mountains.


The methodology to be used is controlled experimentation on animals such as rats where they will be subjected to a small amount of ethanol and tests conducted to determine the changes in body temperature. The discussion over the results and the effects of ethanol from the experiment will come up followed by the final results and the conclusion. The effects of Ethanol on Body temperature Introduction Ethanol is a psychoactive drug that has been used as a recreational drug for a very long time in the history of man. It is a volatile and flammable colorless liquid that is the basic component of spirits and alcoholic drinks that people consume. Ethanol causes intoxication when consumed and is commonly referred to as alcohol, pure alcohol, spirit or drinking alcohol. Its scientific formula is CH3CH2OH, usually abbreviated as C2H3OH or simply C2H6O (Ligon, 2001). Apart from being used as a recreational drug, ethanol is also used as a solvent in thermometers as well as being used as fuel. It is also used for medical purposes as an antiseptic and as treatment for poisoning from other types of alcohol (Ligon, 2001). Consumption of ethanol has a wide range of effects on the human body. Ethanol I s regarded as a depressant of the Central Nervous System and has a wide range of side effects on the individual consuming alcohol (Ligon, 2001). Some of the effects are short term while others are long term effects. ...
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