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Engineering and Construction
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PAPER REVIEW Student name Class name Due date What is the topic of the paper? The topic of the paper is ‘Empirical Investigation of Construction Contractors’ Organizational Learning’. The authors of the paper mainly talk about the importance of organizational learning for the contractors of construction companies.


The main concept provided in the paper is that organizational leaning is a key part of the core competence of organizations and is very important to apply in order to bring continuous improvement in all job activities. Is the scope of the paper well defined? I think the scope of the paper is well defined as it keeps the focus of the readers to some specific areas instead of diverting their attention on unrelated issues. ). When we read the paper, we go through the definition and importance of organizational, which provides an overview of the contents and scope of the paper. In the middle of the paper, variables of double-loop organizational learning and those for the dimensions of organizational learning are defined and explained. Next, the methods for collecting data are provided which further moves to the quantitative analysis presented by the authors regarding the use of organizational learning concepts by contractors. Based on the analysis, a well-organized set of principles of organizational learning, as well as the factors related to double-loop-learning are presented to the contractors as a strategy to improve their performances. ...
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