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Experiment 1: To Demonstrate Magneto Static Forces Aim: To show that Magnets can produce forces when placed across a space that is empty. Introduction Magneto static or dipole-dipole forces are very critical in determining the microstructure of any magnet.


The SI unit of current is Amperes (A) or coulombs-per-second. Materials and Equipment: bar magnet, plotting compasses, paperclips or dressmaker’s pins. Procedure Take a strong bar magnet and place it on an OHP. Then sprinkle dressmaker’s pins or paperclips. Record what happens. Plotting compasses were scattered around a magnet, then observe what happens. Observations It was observed that the paperclips or dressmaker’s pins clanged to the poles of the magnet. This shows that magnets have North and south poles that attracts magnetic materials, that is, the pins and paper clips strongly. Also the pins were deflected when plotting compasses were brought closer to the magnet but not touching it. This was due to the repulsion that was caused by a plotting compass since it behaves like a magnet of similar pole to the magnet on the table. This repulsion is what caused the dressmaker’s pins and paper clips to deflect Experiment 2a: To Identify A Magnetic Material Equipment and Materials: a) Three square plates of material; steel, aluminium and PVC (plastic). b) A pair of small neodymium magnets. One of the magnets is attached to a threaded stud. Procedure Bring steel closer to the magnet attached to the threaded stud and observe what happens. Repeat the experiment using aluminium and PVC (plastic) and note the behavior. ...
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