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Assessment of the Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles

Conclusion 18 References 1. Introduction Electric vehicles have become a strong trend in the global market. The benefits of electric vehicles, as analyzed above, compared to the conventional vehicles are often used as a justification for promoting the use of these vehicles worldwide. In this context, the following problem appears: which would be the impact of replacing a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle with an electric vehicle capable of similar duty? The above issue is explored in this paper. The following condition is set” the platform of the vehicle remain the same. For the needs of this paper, an electric car has been chosen as the mode of the vehicle, the use of which will be modified. While exploring this issue it has been necessary to cover a series of other topics, such as the characteristics and the differences of electric vehicles compared to the conventional vehicles. ...
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The Impact of Replacing a Conventional Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle with an Electric Vehicle Capable of Similar Duty Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. The impact of replacing a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle with an electric vehicle capable of similar duty 4 2.1 Electric vehicles – description and characteristics 4 2.2 Differences between electric vehicles and conventional vehicles 5 2.2.1 Platforms available 5 2.2.2 Structure and layout of vehicles’ subsystems 7 2.2.3 The impact of replacing a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle with an electric vehicle 12 The replacement of a conventional internal combustion engine vehicle with an electric…
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