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Name Instructor’s Name Engineering and Construction 21 November 2013 Green Engineering in Solar Energy Overview of Solar Energy It is an alternative energy source with potential applications in most activities. In recent times, when environmental degradation and the increased costs of other fuels have become a concern for human life, solar energy that comes directly from the sun provides the most flexible option of a renewable energy source and is less costly in the long run.


In the contemporary world, many people have installed the technologies to maximally benefit from solar energy. It is not only efficient, but a sustainable energy that can be relied on even in the future. The sun provides energy in two ways; by heating and through lighting. It radiates great amount of energy that travels through space and spreads all through the earth’s surface. Naturally, the inner core of sun produces the energy through a nuclear fusion of the hydrogen and helium atoms, radiates onto the sun’s surface, and consequently emits electromagnetic radiation onto the earth using a wide variety of wavelengths (“Alternative energy” Upon reaching the earth surface, it is harvested for greater use in various processes. Solar energy is of great importance in supporting the life and processes of plants, as well as those of humans. Specific Aspects of how Solar Energy works There are two specific technologies of converting solar energy into electricity. ...
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