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Project Background and Rationale for Environmental Impact Assessment BAM Construction company was awarded the tender to construct the 33million euro Parkgate retail and residential project that is set to give Shirley town centre in the West Midlands a new look.


In line with sustainable development and to avoid future conflicts, the project has incorporated environmental concerns at every stage and has conducted a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment and prepared a feasible Environmental Management Plan that addresses environmental concerns, land use conflicts as well as environmental conservation and protection measures. Need for the project The project was initiated to exploit the economic potential of the growing population of West Midlands through the provision of business premises that would promote commerce and trade while at the same time providing the residents with jobs and giving them a whole new shopping experience. It was also motivated by the need to provide environmentally friendly, flexible, modern and cost effective public buildings and business premises. As had been established by a previous survey sponsored by the proponent eight years ago, the project is long overdue. Shirley town in West Midlands has a shortage of adequate and spacious retail outlets, business and residential premises to serve the demands of the growing population and booming economy. Parkgate retail and residential project will be constructed in Shirley town centre in West Midlands. ...
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