Need to find a trending topic in the field of civil engineering.

Need to find a trending topic in the field of civil engineering. Research Paper example
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Name Course Name Instructor Date 3 D Printing and Civil Engineering Technology has continued to advance in the civil and construction industry. In the recent past engineers and researchers, have developed systems and techniques that have continued to boost the industry in a great way.


The production involves an additive process different from the machining techniques that uses subtractive processes such as drilling and cutting. 3 D printing is exclusively done from digital models. The impact of 3 D printing is enormous and continues to shape the civil engineering sector. 3 D printing is being used in civil engineering in two main ways. Firstly, the technology has taken toll in prototyping. Engineers, architects and contractors have relied on 3 D prototyping in the recent times to manipulate designs and digital models to materials that are used in construction. It has been established that 3 D prototyping is an efficient, fast and cost friendly method in the fabrication of complex designs when high definitions are required. Prototyping enables production of high quality maps and plans that have well defined terrain and surface features. Secondly, distributed production has been utilized in the industry in manufacturing some of the raw materials. It takes into use dispersed facilities used in manufacturing and are coordinated using information technology platforms. This aspect has boosted the activities of civil engineering industries that have a wide range of geographically separated activities. It reduces shipment and freight costs for the company. Engineering jobs have and will be affected by the technology. ...
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