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Name Institution Date Lab Report, Engineering and Construction: Shear box Abstract The aim of this experiment was to ascertain the maximum shear stress, which can be applied to any given soil sample in a given direction. The shear stress defines the soils shear strength.


Introduction In soil mechanics, the term shear strength describes the magnitude of a shear stress that the soil can sustain (Roscoe 34). On the other hand, shear resistance of a soil occurs as a result of interlocking of particles and particle friction and possibly the bonding or cementation at particle contacts (Roscoe 45). Particle interlocking may cause a material to contact or expand in volume because of being subjected to shear strain (Poulos 560). As soil expands in volume, the density of its particles decreases causing its strength to decrease. This way, the peak strength is followed by the reduction in shear stress. It is always important to understand different values of Shear Strength of a soil sample (Schofield 20). This is because materials differ in their characteristics and tend respond differently when subjected to similar or different load conditions. This means that for one to design a project, he/she must understand the type of soil considering their variations in Shear Strength.In soil mechanics, Shear Strength is given by the formula ?f = c + ?n tan?----------------------------------------------------------------------------(1) c stands for cohesion, ? as an effective normal stress, ? as the angle of friction, ?f as the shear strength, and the shear box test, is defined by BS 1337: This experiment deals with shear resistance of a soil sample. ...
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