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Engineering Management and Globalization - Essay Example


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Engineering Management and Globalization

I have learnt various issues concerned with globalization particularly the effects of globalization. Comprehending these issues has shaped me in a better way to be able to relate my knowledge and as well incorporate it in my future career in engineering management. I have also gained a variety of skills that I am sure will be assets in my career. Some of these skills I have learnt include analytical skills, how to ensure culture competence, teamwork, incorporation and assimilation plans of action, as well as critical thinking. The entrepreneurship lessons have offered me a platform to gain knowledge on business operations and leadership in relation to engineering management and globalization. A career in engineering necessitates an individual to attain these skills as it involves a lot of communications with clients and co-workers, involves a lot of teamwork, data collection and analysis, and working with individuals from diverse backgrounds in regard to ethnicity, race, and religion as well. In reference to the challenges I faced in the course of my learning, it is important to learn as a team i.e. holding regular discussions and practical lessons enable learners to grasp and comprehend issues better. It is also important to avoid studying for tests at the last moment. Handwork and ensuring you behave properly is of significance. Individual behavior is directly related to performance as well behaved learners are well organized and hardworking. Letter to instructors My learning experience

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in this course has been both interesting and challenging. To many people, the process of learning is a challenge in itself. One significant approach to learning that I liked most is student involvement and participation. Teachers in this institution have always ensured that learning is participatory whereby each and every learner has been require to contribute to class debates on various issues. In doing so, we have acquired better communication skills and confidence in public speaking. In most of our classes, we were divided into groups with each group been given regular projects and methodical investigations to conduct. This has enabled learners to work in teams and as well acquire analytical skills that I am sure will be of benefit in our future careers. However, I feel this institution as a whole needs to adopt and embrace additional approaches to learning. A learner may fail in a class because s/he does not like the learning technique or method used by the teacher or lecturer. Educational trips, seminars, and also inviting guest lecturers would be a good idea. This would help reduce monotony in learning. I am certain I have gained better communication, analytical, and problem solving skills as I can now complete projects on time and attain better and satisfactory results. Being successful in individual careers and in furthering education requires one to have these skills as it involves a lot of research and data analysis. In general, I am satisfied with what I have achieved and accomplished academically and I attribute it to hardwork, determination, and my personality as


Engineering Management and Globalization Name University Letter to future students in 91-201 class It has always been my dream to pursue a course in engineering management and globalization. This dream became a reality when I was accepted in this institution to pursue the course…
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Engineering Management and Globalization essay example
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