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An application of Electromagnetics Theory (see directions)

Others use it to detect anomalies or ghost since it can detect and track high paranormal sources of energy that are above the normal reading. In the overview of the EMF applications, the main aim of this paper is to analyze the manner in which the electromagnetic theory has been applied and some of the benefits and disadvantages of its use. The analysis will also focus on its application for instance in the case of the low 3d frequency electromagnetic modeling of the human eye with elemental boundaries that are applicable to the (CK) conductive keratoplasty (Lindebaum 298). Description of the Conductive keratoplasty (CK) The surgical technique (CK) Conductive keratoplas is an example of an application that utilizes the electromagnetic theory. It entails a process where the cornea is penetrated by the use of a thin electrode that sends radio-frequency pulse energy to the environs surrounding the tissues in the eye. The heat energy from the electromagnetic is then dispelled into the tissues, which not only tighten thermally but also shrink the lamellae collagen. This process allows the doctors to cure common eye diseases like astigmatism and far-sightedness and correct the cornea’s shape (Itin 3361). ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Electromagnetic Frequency Detector Application Electromagnetic frequency detector is a scientific instrument for detecting or measuring frequency, mainly through the application of the electromagnetic theory. Electromagnetic frequency detectors as commonly known are useful in electromagnetic field studies…
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