sustainability of autoclaved cellular concrete

sustainability of autoclaved cellular concrete Essay example
Engineering and Construction
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Title: Engineering and Construction sustainability of autoclaved cellular concrete Tutor: Name: Institution: Date: November 26 2013 Introduction The demand for housing keeps growing rapidly and the competition to meet the demand has become fierce making real estate investors to become more creative.


This building material is suitable for formation of inner leaf of cavity walls, walls, floors by combining with aircrete beams, ceilings due to their excellent thermal insulators. They can easily be shaped into anything the builder’s desire making it favorable. This has given rise to a complete construction system with complementary products all over the World.AAC ensures a comfortable environment with all the satisfactions of the modern building (mhe aac, 2013). Advantages of Engineering and constructing using Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Engineers and constructors who have been in the game for a long time will weigh many options on what kind of building materials to use for construction. They consider the pros and cons of each building materials they have used to advise a client before settling on one. In this case AAC is the building material of choice. The following are some of the factors of autoclaved aerated concrete which make the choice favorable. 1. Portability. ...
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