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Thomas Edison

It is important to note Thomas Edison had an engineer close to him to help him make his ideas come to reality. The engineer was called John Kruesi. The engineer build the phonograph from sketches handed to him by Thomas Edison himself and he did this barely within thirty hours. Thomas Edison is applauded up to today for his invention that allows one to record sound. Although there was a French scientist namely Charles Cros who had written evidence of a theory behind a machine resembling a phonograph which remained only a theory after Thomas Edison constructed and patented his invention. There was the use of the phonograph prior to the use of tape decks and CD players respectively. The precise date well known for Thomas Edison’s first completion of the first phonograph is August 12, 1877 though historians believed that it was done months later as it was not patented until December 24th, 1877. Thomas Edison’s personal assistant who went by the name of Charles Batchelor confirmed that the phonograph itself was not constructed until December 4th and completed two days later. What happened is that Thomas Edison on his quest to improve the telegraph transmitter barely noticed that there was noise produced by the movement of the paper tape through the transmitter. The noise resembled spoken words whilst playing at high speeds. ...
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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Thomas Edison’s Phonograph The phonograph was the first device ever designed for recording and replaying sound. It was invented and patented by Thomas Edison, a famous American inventor. The invention of the phonograph was the invention that made him famous…
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