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The Wind Turbine and Its Failure Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: The Wind Turbine and Its Failure How the Wind Turbine Works Wind power (wind energy) is basically the generation of mechanical power or electricity from wind. A wind turbine converts kinetic energy of wind into mechanical power, which can be used to execute various tasks such as pounding cereals or pumping water from boreholes.


The wind sets in motion the turbine blades, which rotates a shaft connected to a generator that converts the mechanical energy fed to it into electricity. Despite its relative importance, especially in the present world where strategies are being focused on the production of clean energy to curb high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the wind turbine also exhibits some failures. Wind Turbine Failures Wind turbine failures can be categorized into two groups. The first failure is the hard-type failure, which includes the gearbox, electric generator and rotor failures. The second type is soft-type failures, which is basically control system failure (Steenbergen et al., 2013). The Blades Failure Blade failures can occur because of different reasons leading to the throwing of the entire blade or part of it from the wind turbine. Many failures of the wind turbine blade involve the structures linking the blade and the hub. “At the blade root, the oscillating stresses are passed into the rotor hub and certain harmonics are passed through the shaft into the tower” (National Research Council (U.S.), Energy Engineering Board 1991, p. 27). Other failures relate to the steel connectors joining the main blade part and the bearing. ...
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