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Engineering and Construction
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My Life; an Engineer Engineering is a very competitive profession since it does not only depend on how much on can do but also on how much knowledge one has. It is with this realization that I seek to further my passion for engineering with a Masters Degree at your highly esteemed institution.


Your university will provide me with the international approach to engineering challenges. It will also expose me to the state-of-the-art facilities in engineering and a great learning environment where I can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge in Engineering. Part of my long term objective after completion of my course is to come back to Nigeria and establish a World-Class engineering organization that will provide both knowledge, experience and employment opportunities to young Nigerians with a passion in the Engineering field. My passion in engineering can be traced back to the years when I was still a young lad, even before I started going to school. Back then, I was very creative constructing toys out of plastics and papers. I could for instance fold and join papers of different colors and make a beautiful kite out of it. With time I gained interest in electricity and I could join a series of dry cells with copper wires and light a bulb. I also enjoyed making toy cars out of aluminum tins that I collected from my neighborhood. Back then, I did not realize that all I was doing was actually different elements of engineering. My craftiness continued to develop as I grew older. I could help my father fix his Toyota car, tightening screws and bolts in the house and repairing electric sockets. I was actually practicing engineering subconsciously through my intuitive acts. ...
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