pick one of the Ethical issues on Engineering technology and make it the topic.

pick one of the Ethical issues on Engineering technology and make it the topic. Essay example
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Engineering Ethics of Nanotechnology Abstract From a social perspective, ethics refers a set of moral principles that guide individual behavior with other members of an integrated society. With respect to professional context, ethics refers to systematic recommendations and regulations meant to govern professional’s conduct in his or her undertakings.


Nanotechnology is an upcoming engineering field which has attracted both positive and negative criticism from stakeholders within the public domain. In this essay, we will develop a comprehensive understanding on nanotechnology. In addition, subsequent sections will involve detailed extrapolation into the depth and breadth of ethical issues surrounding nanotechnology as a branch of engineering. Nanotechnology As an engineering field, nanotechnology involves the study, design and production of machines and equipment at atomic level. Nanotech derives its name from the concept of nanometer, which is a unit of measure equal to 1/billionth of a meter. In this case, a nanotech involves design and production of machines from extremely miniature dimensions. Machines that can be produced from this form of technology include robots, electronics like computers and cell-phones. During its inception in the 1980s, there were numerous criticisms surrounding viability of this brunch of engineering. However, projects conducted by nanotechnology companies today suggest that there is a high possibility of success in production of nanotech equipments (Poel 34). Allegedly, nanotech will be instrumental in addressing future needs of equipment and machines within the medical and communication industry. ...
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