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Thresher Sinking Atlantic Ocean (1963)

The disaster is also blamed on an electrical fault that saw vital pumps stop working. Known to be the worst submarine accident in U.S. history, engineers have learnt a lot from the event. Engineers have learnt the importance of upholding standards and procedures, testing procured materials, and prioritizing safety over other factors when it comes to designing and building products. Sinking of the Thresher in the Atlantic Ocean in 1963 Introduction Engineers are credited for designing different machines, equipment and structures that serve to overcome certain specific problems. As they undertake their works, engineers go to great depths to ensure that whatever they design work as efficiently as possible. Understanding the risks that their designs may pose to the public and infrastructure, they often do a lot of calculations and incorporate safety measures wherever they can in their designs. Furthermore, they are tasked with choosing materials that have properties that match the functions for which they are to be used. In as much as engineers do their best to ensure that what they design and make work without failing, this is not always the case. Sometimes, engineering systems fail leading to massive losses. One case of failure that resulted from an engineering error is the sinking of Thresher submarine in the Atlantic Ocean. ...
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Sinking of the Thresher in the Atlantic Ocean in 1963 Name Institution Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 3 Background to the Thresher Disaster 3 Investigations into the Sinking of the Thresher 5 Findings and Recommendations 5 Impact on Engineering Practice 9 Conclusion 11 References 12 Abstract The US submarine, Thresher, sunk in 1963…
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