Electrical and Electronic Engineering laboratory logbook and report

Electrical and Electronic Engineering laboratory logbook and report Essay example
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ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING LABORATORY LOGBOOK AND REPORT By Student’s name Code+ course name Professor’s name University name City, State Date Abstract The experiments described in this laboratory report detail the types and characteristics of bipolar junction transistors (BJT).


We also carried out an investigation of the basic bias connections for a transistor. These steps help to familiarize with the basic measurements needed to characterize the properties of transistors. Secondly, we explore the output characteristics of a common-emitter transistor such as load line and operating point and their significance to the operation of a transistor. This laboratory report describes the theory of transistors, methodology used during the experiments, an analysis of the results collected, discussion and conclusion. Background Transistors are three-terminal devices made up of two semiconductor junctions similar to two junction diodes. These devices are made of either germanium (Ge) or silicon (Si). The basic structure of a transistor comprises two layers of n-type material with a layer of p-type material in between (NPN), or two layers of p-type material with a layer of n-type material between them (PNP). In both cases, the layer at the center forms the base of the transistor, whereas the two external layers form the emitter and the collector of the transistor (Gates 2012). The first method involves the P-type material sandwiched between two N-type materials as shown in the diagram below. ...
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