Producing sustainable self compacting concrete

Producing sustainable self compacting concrete Literature review example
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Producing Sustainable Self Compacting Concrete Course Name Instructor’s Name 14th December 2013 Abstract/Introduction Since the start of 1990’s, the concept of self-compacting concrete has attained much acceptance from different parts of the world. In the production of concrete, self-compacting concrete is a very important step since it ensures that this fabrication is sustainable through the reduction of the use of vibrators that are harmful to workers.


Research Methodology The research methodology that I intend to implement entails collecting relevant data on the topic of self-compacting and concrete from different documents and compiling the databases to critically analyze the topic and arrive at an understanding that is more complete. The methodology also entails shading some light on questions that relate to the topic and on the results of the 9 mixes of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water, and fly ash. The work to be undertaken in this research involves doing a mixture of substances and finding out the results. Some of the risk assessment to consider in this research is such as; taking careful measures when mixing different substances, following given instructions carefully to avoid mistakes that can lead to inappropriate results and so on. ...
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