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Name Instructor’s Name Class Information Date AK-47 The Kalashnikov which is also known as the Ak-47 is a gas operated rifle that was produced in Russia by Mikhail Kalashnikov and has by now sold over a 100 million units since its inaugural production. Part 1: One of the production method used in producing most of the riffle part is through KB-P-580, which serves to be more reliable than most of the other production method and way more better handling characteristics, this method was used in 1948 in Izhevsk factory.


The receiver which anchors the integrated gas piston and the trigger is made of sheet metal with milled trunnion insert. In the year 1940, it took about 150 totally different machine motions to make the new method of making it has differently changed it and help reduce the weight of the gun to only 8 pounds. The gas piston and bolt carrier contained in the receiver were deliberately structured to fit loosely in the receiver and the aim for this is to stop carbon buildup, dust and rust. What should be noted here is that this method of loose fit was borrowed from other designers like Sudayev and the concept was used by several other people after his death. The stock of the AK-47 rifle is made of wood. There have been a lot of developments when it comes to the making of this particular type of gun and some of its features being borrowed from other gun designs. Guns which have folding stocks are better fitted for tighter spaces for instance airborne troops. A combination of the bolt carrier and gas piston make up the gas piston which is a design that is not original but borrowed from another gun. ...
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