construction and operation of aircraft fluid systems

construction and operation of aircraft fluid systems Assignment example
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Construction and Operation of Aircraft Fluid Systems Q1 Determine the properties of air as a fluid power medium for aircraft system Aircrafts rely a lot on hydraulic and pneumatic systems to transmit power. These systems use fluids as the medium of transmitting power.


Compressed air which is a mixture of all gases present in the atmosphere is suitable as a fluid for transmitting power in aircraft given its properties that closely match those of an ideal fluid. Air is unlimited in supply and practically costs nothing. Although it contains different gases, air is not poisonous ( 2013). Also, air does not burn in as much as it contains oxygen which supports combustion. Furthermore, it is chemically stable, easy to compress, and, in most cases, does not contain acids that may corrode airplane systems. Aircraft generally should be as light as possible, the main reason they are made of aluminium. By using air as a medium for transferring power, the aircraft’s weight remains low. If a liquid is used instead of air, the weight of the aircraft would be higher. Unlike it happens with liquids, air does not need a return line when used in a pneumatic system. While this is the case, air often contains moisture to the extent that if it is compressed, the moisture tends to condense causing harm to the system. The water formed in the system may dilute lubricants, freeze during cold weather, and increase corrosion of system parts ( 2013). ...
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