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Aircraft System Principles and Applications Question 1 Determine the properties of air as a fluid power medium for aircraft systems Properties of air play a vital role during the flight of an aircraft. It directly affects the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft system.


Before going into the details of how air properties affect the flight of a plane, one must have deep insight into the correlation of air properties. Variation in air pressure directly affects the density of air if the temperature is kept constant. Both the pressure and the density are directly proportional to each other and if pressure decreases at a given temperature, density of air also decreases resulting in greater distance between air molecules. If another case is considered, in which pressure is kept constant, increased temperature results in decreased density of air and decreased temperature results in increased density, and hence keeping the molecules closer. These relationships among density, temperature and pressure govern the overall performance of the aircraft while being in flight. Effect of air density on aircraft performance Air density is responsible for lifting the aircraft at the start of flight. It is also responsible for favorable amount of fuel consumption as air density affects air fuel mixture which is burned to run the engine. Therefore, fuel consumption and lift of aircraft not only depends on density but also depends upon temperature and pressure, indirectly. Effect of air pressure on aircraft performance An aircraft requires maintaining a specific pressure to keep flying in the air or to move to higher altitudes. ...
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