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Project on Syracuse University Handicap Access

Materials The material necessary for the completion of this report included conducting a survey of the different areas of the university premises to find out what facilities are accessible to the disable personnel who get into the premises. The other method used to collect data was interviews. An interview was conducted with the construction supervisor to find out on their plans to make their designs accessible to disabled personnel. Collected data Lot Name Total Spots Handicap Spots ADA Requirement Within Requirement? (Yes or No) Arch Strip  28 28 2 2 Yes Adam Street Garage 301 7 8 No Booth Garage 365 8 8 Yes Brockway 26 0 2 No Brewster Boland Garage 196 2 6 No Day/Flint  134 5 5 Yes Dome 34 0 2 No Harrison 60 3 3 Yes Haven 18 1 1 Yes Irving Garage 409 14 9 Yes Lawrinson Garage 154 0 6 No Marion 58 2 3 No Ostrom  58 58 0 3 No Quad 1 154 11 6 Yes Quad2 46 3 2 Yes Quad 3  27 4 2 Yes Quad 4  107 3 5 No Quad 5   21 2 1 Yes Sadler  53 0 3 No Shaw 51 1 3 No Stadium 474 0 9 No University Ave Garage 783 17 15.66 Yes Walnut West  10 1 1 Yes Washington 5 1 1 Yes Washington Arms 20 1 1 Yes Waverly  109 8 5 Yes Women's Building N/S   105 2 5 No TOTAL 3806 98 Results The data collected as shown above indicates that most of the parking lots that the survey was conducted were accessible to persons with disabilities. ...
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Instructor: Access of parking lots to the handicapped Introduction This was conducted mainly to study the areas that are accessible to handicapped people within the campus premises. The other purpose of this study is to find out the plans of construction sites on how to make accessible spots for the handicapped…
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