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Innovation in a Sustainable Future Table of Contents Introduction 3 The Basis of My Future Career 3 Career in Engineering 3 What Electrical Engineers Do 4 Energy Demand in Daily Life 4 Career Aspiration in Solar Energy Engineering 5 Skills Required for Becoming a Solar Engineer 5 Preparation and Training 6 One Year Certificate Program 7 Associate Degree in Solar Energy Engineer 8 Occupations Plan in Solar Engineering 9 Earning 11 Conclusion 11 A Lifelong Career 11 References 13 Introduction The Basis of My Future Career Ever since my childhood, I have many anticipations and objectives for my future career.


Based on this aspect, the report discusses about my career aspirations and potential professional development in engineering field for the next ten years. Career in Engineering Engineering is one of the most important fields of study in the academic life which opens up various career paths into a range of science areas. Engineers have extensive assortment of career options in comparison with other professions such as business or management among others. Engineering has vast scope in advance fields such civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and electrical engineering among others. In this context, I would like state that my career aspiration in engineering is to become an electrical engineer. This branch of engineering is largely related with the design and application equipment in order to generate power and distribute energy1. What Electrical Engineers Do As discussed above electrical engineers are concerned with the generation and utilisation of electricity. It is one of the leading braches of engineering. ...
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