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Name Course Instructor Date Making Solar Energy Economical Introduction Solar power is usually generated by collecting the light spectrums from sunlight and converting them to energy in the form of electricity using solar panels that have cells in them. Solar energy forms an integral part of the supply of energy to human beings and the earth in general.


These fuels also known as fossil fuels are non-renewable sources of energy and are likely to get depleted in the near future or in a few million years to come. Moreover, coal though in abundance greatly pollutes the environment through the emission of greenhouse gases such s carbon dioxide that build up in the atmosphere with the result being global warming. Solar energy therefore offers an attractive alternative as its availability gives a reliable source of energy now and in the future at no cost. In order to tap into this important and easily available source of energy, it is important that we engineer innovations that will make it more economical through its conversion and storage to solar energy. The most common and easily available means of tapping into the energy from the sun is through solar dishes and panels that convert the sun’s rays capable of powering engines and the production of energy in electric form using photovoltaic cells. Solar Energy Technology In order to make solar energy economically competitive, there is need for those tasked with the manufacture of solar technology devices to improve the efficiency of the cells in commercial solar cells as well as lower their costs of manufacture. ...
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