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Course Number Introduction to Engineering-Truss Bridge Design Author Name Affiliation and Address E-mail Abstract Truss bridges are the oldest bridge designs that are being used around the world for the transportation of goods as well as people across rivers, lakes and difficult terrains.


This model successfully worked to hold desired load and effectively fulfilled the load resistance qualities that a practical bridge must have. Keywords Truss bridge, bridge competition, bridge model, bridge stability. Introduction Bridge design is the fundamental part of civil engineering and most critical as well. It is designed for transportation of heavy traffic; meanwhile, it is constructed to cope with environmental effects like storms. There are many types of bridges that are being used around the world, among them most common are arch bridges, girder bridges, truss bridges, cantilever bridges, cable stayed bridges, moveable bridges and suspension bridges(SWE, 2012). The type of bridge that we incorporated in our design is the truss bridge. These are the oldest and the most economical bridges found around the world with excellent weight bearing capacity(BuildingBig, 2010). Atypical truss bridge is shown below: Specialty of truss bridges is the triangular elements present in the structure to share the load applied on the bridge by the traffic(JHU). In a typical truss bridge design the horizontal members are responsible for bearing loads as a result of horizontal as well as dynamic compression. ...
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