Transport Demand Management in National Parks

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Transport Demand Management in National Parks Name Institution Subject Lecturer Date Transport Demand Management in National Parks Abstract There is crucial need to expand the car parking capacity around the Peak District National Park. The attractions around the park increase the number of cars getting in to the area, thus resulting to congestion.


The program was a proposal documented in a Scrutiny Review Report of the Environment and Transportation Select Committee, which was cropped from the Hampshire County Council. Introduction Background information Lyndhurst is a civil parish and village located at England’s new Forest in Hampshire. The village forms the administrative center of the New Forest, which bears the district council. It is a popular tourist attraction center and has numerous independent shops, cafes, hotels, restaurants, pubs, art galleries and an 18-hole golf course. These facilities cater for the demands of local population and the tourists. According to the Census data of 2001, Lyndhurst had a population of 2,973 of which, 37% were economically active, 20% are the retired and only 2% are not employed. The average age is 47 years. 77% of the property is owner occupied while 23% is rented (COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION OF RURAL ENGLAND, 1988). Lyndhurst is 14 kilometers away from Southampton city to the North-east. Geographically, Lyndhurst village forms the meeting point on the route A35 which runs from the Southampton City to the northeast to Lymington town, situated on the south coast. ...
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