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Essay example - Design a Trussed Bridge to Measure Strength to weight ration

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High school
Engineering and Construction
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Construction of bridges is similar to solving a puzzle. It employs the basic engineering principles to cross an obstacle. Solutions to the puzzles may be presented in several ways however, the efficient, well designed, and those that are safe are picked and ranked top…

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Design a Trussed Bridge to Measure Strength to weight ration

In this design competition, two models of Warren truss (Bridge A and Bridge B) are presented. The aim of the competition is to provide an analytical approach to the bridge design by subjecting the prototypes to damaging failures. In the designs of Bridge A and bridge B, “scientific principles, mathematical tools, and engineering concepts” are considered. Experimental testing gave the results as follows; Bridge A with a mass of 0.1892 Kg and 0.3m supports a mass of 25.251Kg, whereas Bridge B with a mass of 0.2003 Kg supported a mass of 5.729 Kg. 1. Introduction Bridges are solutions to complex puzzles. They help in overcoming common problems presented by rivers and lakes. Application of basic engineering principles results in the design of a model to mimic the actual bridge structures. The best bridge structure the one designed to be “most efficient, elegant, and safest” (Cronn-Mills 215). A truss is a common and basic design in bridge structures. It is a compilation of straight members organized to transmit any load to entire structure (Zureick 51). The design used here in the Warren truss (Figure 1). Figure 1: Truss Bridge Geometry Materials Common truss bridges are from steel. However, in cases of minimal loads wooden truss bridges are used. When designing a bridge from any material, material stress is calculated. ...
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