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Essay example - An overview on Drug test

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Engineering and Construction
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Contents Contents 1 Abstract 3 Introduction 3 Aims and objectives 4 Drug Related Issues 4 A review of current Testing methods 5 Blood testing 7 Urine Testing 7 Oral fluid Testing 8 Hair Testing 11 Sweat testing 12 Drug testing in workplace 12 Public 12 Private 13 Testing practices 13 Pre-employment Testing 13 Random Testing 13 Reasonable cause Testing 14 Periodic Testing 14 Post-accident Testing 15 Connection Between Drug Testing and Project Management 15 Benefits of a drug free working environment 17 Drug testing Impact and challenges 18 Ethical 21 Legal 21 Methodology 25 Case study 27 Conclusion 30 Recommendation 31 Limitations and Bias 31 Abstract This study will examine the effects of cur…

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After introducing the drug related issues, this study focuses on details concerning drug testing methods and options. The purpose of the overview of current drug testing is to give the reader a clear view of the methods and options that current drug testing has effected upon society. Finally this study analyzes case studies from the past to see determine the end result that drug testing policies have on the actual workplace. Introduction It is without question that drug abuse has become a more prevalent issue within the past 50 years. However, it is important for purposes of this analysis to be perfectly and resoundingly clear as to what is meant when the term “drug” is applied. For purposes of this analysis, drug(s) will refer to illegal drugs. These illegal drugs can take the form of street drugs such as marijuana or cocaine. ...
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