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Concept Design Report - Essay Example

Author : ignatius34
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This project aim was to use popsicles to construct a bridge which can support considerable weight while at the same time remain aesthetically pleasing and economical. The bridge required a maximum 20 inches in length, and could not exceed 400 grams…

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Concept Design Report

Concept Design Report

Many highway bridges built in the past have failed to match the rising needs in the modern world and as such have called for need for rehabilitation and in a number of instances, total replacement. With many bridges aging and traffic demand demands ever rising, many bridges have been rendered obsolete and non-functional in terms of structure. Such structural deficiencies have led to increased need for advanced design techniques. There is always an alternative to choose the most optimal approach to rehabilitation and replacement. Among the innovative rehabilitation and replacement techniques are the pre-fabricated bridge systems and more particularly, the ones with precast concrete deck panels. This is due to the many advantages they bring along and hence their high pay offs. Why this kind of bridges? One may ask. Bridges are used all over the world. Society is very dependent on them for traveling from one place to another effectively. Our design team recognizes the importance of bridges and we have decided to construct a model bridge using Popsicle sticks and craft glue to test the load capacity and effectiveness of our bridge. Materials for bridge construction consisted of Popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue. The bridge Prototype was tested through addition of weights to outer bridge truss. This was done by attaching a bucket about a third way from the end, and weights were gradually added to the bucket until the failure point was determined. ...
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