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Refurbishment Project

Manager Room and Store Rooms:
Room of the hotel manager is designed to be behind the reception and should not be glassed rather opaque. The store rooms for sweepers, and other sort of items like extra furniture etc must be planned to be at the end of the terrace at the place of lecture room 006. Other offices and stores containing sanitry material will also be managed in the same location.
Beauty Saloons:
Beauty saloon and spa services will be provided to all the customers of the boutique hotel. Facility of beauty saloon will be provided adjacent to the exhibition hall, besides the stairs. Stairs must be cut short to spiral in order to provide more area to saloon. Saloon’s extensive area covers spa and all other sections seperately in order to facilitate the customer. Just above the saloon, on the first floor, rejuvenation center and gym will also be provided.
Exhibition Room:
Exhibition room will not be altered much. It will just be modified internally to provide a classy look and the rest of the changes depends upon the type of exhibition being carried out.
Room Service:
All floors other than ground floor are provided with the living rooms for guests. Each living room is different from the other in design, furniture, arrangement, color scheme and lifestyle provided. The facilities available are same in all the rooms. Each room will be provided with a mini bar to facilitate the customer within their room. Also a small sitting and dining area will also be provided to the customer in order to enjoy meal if they order for it in room. A small study section will also be provided.
The walls and furniture in the room will be having same color scheme or in proper contrast to give most outstanding look to the visitors. ...
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Refurbishment Report Introduction Purpose of writing this report is to highlight the factors and design constraints involved in the refurbishment of Dean Walters Building as a Boutique Hotel. …
Author : jonthiel

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