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Engineering and Construction
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Engineers and Society Name: Course: Lecturer: University: Date: Synopsis The interaction between technology and society provides a comprehensive analysis on the autonomy of science and technology, and adaptation of society to the technological trends. Schools of thought that help explain this phenomenon are the technological determinism, political determinism and social constructivism.


By so doing, no one will be to blame upon failure of a particular technology. There are different views on the relationship between technology and society. Technological determinism argues on the basis of engineers devising a technology which is either rejected or adapted by the society. It sees technological development as inevitable and autonomous. Political determinism incorporates commercial imperatives and global capitalism while social constructivism relays the possibilities of innovation when technology is embedded in its social context. Engineers as societies have management thus self-regulated. They operate on the basis of division of labour and it is such management that aided in the launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Being the 2nd innovation in the space exploration, it completed nine successful missions before exploding in the 10th mission. Although it halted the passion for space missions, judgments on the cause of the explosion began. Political explanation linked the explosion to low temperatures while engineers put blames on the management. The judgment was considered from scientific perspective where an analysis on the design of the space shuttle was made. ...
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