How to purify water by using chemical and nanotechnology, the advantages and disavantages for both - Essay Example

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How to purify water by using chemical and nanotechnology, the advantages and disavantages for both

Currently industries find it difficult to go on with the existing technology due to higher costs and increasing environmental concerns. As a result, various industries and other interest groups have hugely invested in nanotechnology researches as this technology is predicted to be a better alternative to the existing chemical treatments. One of the major issues is that the world has been facing severe water pollution and paucity issues over the last two decades. The existing chemical treatments for water purification have been outdated due to their complexity and higher cost. This paper identifies that nanotechnology is a better alternative to the existing chemical treatments as this technology is more cost efficient and eco-friendly. Contents Abstract Introduction 1 1. Chemical treatments for water purification 2 1.1 Advantages 2 1.2 Disadvantages 3 2. Nanotechnology for water purification 5 2.1 Advantages 6 2.2 Disadvantages 8 3. Discussion 8 Conclusion 10 Reference 11 Introduction Freshwater is essential for human survival and it is a crucial component in many key industries such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and food. The world is facing potential challenges in meeting the mounting demands of freshwater due to population growth, extended droughts, increased consumption, environmental pollution, and stringent health based regulations. ...
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wardjamal 5 Weeks Chemistry M.Sc. Nanoscience Word Count: Chemicals and Nanotechnology in Water Purification: Advantages and Disadvantages 12 September 2012 Abstract A study conducted by the World Health Organisation in 2004 identified that nearly 1.1 billion people did not obtain clean water…
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