System Safety Engineering in the aviation industry

 System Safety Engineering in the aviation industry Essay example
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System Safety Engineering in the Aviation Industry The industrial development has brought much advancement in the world. The growth in the information and communication technologies, innovation of new machines, improvement of transport systems are some of the advancements that result from the industrial revolution in the XXI century.


Nevertheless, it is arguably true that the modern forms of transport are more expensive and definitely more risky than the traditional forms of transport. The aviation industry falls under the modern transport systems and its contribution to the creation of a global economy is unquestionable. Statistically, over 2000 airlines in the world operate about 23,000 aircrafts in over 3700 airports. The US aviation industry registers about 11 million flight departures per year via its 100 plus certified passenger airlines thus becoming the most dominant airline industry in the world (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2012). The aviation industry facilitates the movement of goods, people, and information across the globe. In fact, its impact ranges from its own operations and its influence on aircraft manufacturing and other fields. At the same time, the aviation industry is more significant in ensuring world security where almost all nations use airplanes and helicopters to enhance security and attack enemies. More so, the aviation industry is significant in world surveillance and tourism where it ensures the safe and fast movement of tourists from one site to another. ...
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