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Department of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering 101MED Mechanical Science – Re-sit ‘Laboratory’ Coursework 1  Task 1 (10 marks) Describe how you might use experiment methods to determine the condition of flow in a pipe due to frictional effects, including required measurements (approx 300 words)  Fluid flow through pipes generates friction that tends to lower the head of the flowing fluid.


Flow should be started through the pipe being investigated. The pipe must have manometers installed on both ends of the region being investigated. The diameter of the pipe must be measured beforehand. The discharged fluid should be collected in an appropriate container that can aid volume measurement. A stop watch should be used to monitor the total time required for a certain volume to flow. Starting with an empty container, the fluid should be allowed to flow through the pipe into the container. The experiment should be timed sufficiently to read the manometers on both ends. The flow should be stopped when enough volume of fluid has been collected in the container for measurement. The time required for the total flow should be noted along with the total volume of fluid collected. These values will be used to generate the flow rate. The readings on the manometers will be used to generate the total head loss value. At least ten distinct experiments must be carried out by varying the flow rate inside the pipe. Using the measurements above in the formula the Reynold’s number can be calculated as: And velocity as: The velocity should be plotted against the head loss. ...
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