Development of Pad Conditioner Drop Detection System

Development of Pad Conditioner Drop Detection System   Dissertation example
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Name of university Name of engineering school Name and code of the subject Title of the report Name of author and ID number Name of tutor/supervisor Date of submission Executive summary Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is a fundamental step in the production of interconnects in the semiconductor industry.


The project focuses on the design of a sensor system that can trigger accumulation of copper on the pad or detect the optimal parameters of the CMP equipment. Contents Development of Pad Conditioner Drop Detection System 30 1 1.0 Introduction 5 1.1 Background information 5 1.2 Statement of the problem 6 1.3 Statement of the problem 8 On 13h Dec 2010 PCUD712 went to check P2 trace and found Cu was not fully polished at wafer. This problem of having wafer edges that are not fully polished has caused the need for this project. No one did recognize the occurrence of the problem until one of the maintenance team did a random testing. Making CMP equipment that has a sensor can trigger any drop caused by the presence of copper and call for a response from the team. 8 1.4 Project scope 8 1.5 Objective 9 1.6 Specific objectives 9 2.0 literature Review 10 2.1 Types of planarization 10 2.1.1 Doped Glass Reflow 10 2.1.2 Spin etch planarization (SEP) 10 2.1.3 Spin on deposition (SOD) 11 SOP is mostly applied in deposits on different glasses, porous low-k dielectrics and polymer ILD. By mixing different base catalysts and suitable additives, a precursor solution is prepared at room temperature. ...
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