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The Banqiao Reservoir Dam Failure By Student Name Course Date Abstract The collapse of the Banquio and Shimantan Dams together with a several dozen much smaller dams in the Zhumadian Prefecture of Henan Province in China in August 1975 is among the world’s most devastating dam failures (Graham, 1999).


In essence it is now generally accepted that the Banqiao Reservoir Dam failure was due to both man-made error/engineering failure and a natural disaster. This study investigates the main causes of the Banqaio Reservoir Dam failure and the implications when one or more dams depend on the sustainability of other dams. To this end, this paper sets out a description of the engineering disaster and explores the engineering factors contributing to the engineering disaster. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction/Background 4 Dam Specifications 4 The Disaster 4 Evaluating the Engineering Failures of the Banqiao Dam Collapse 5 The Investigation of the Banqiao Dam Failure 8 Conclusion 12 Introduction/Background Dam Specifications Zhumadian is situated in the Southern region of Henan Province with Hong and Ru Rivers running east through Zhumadian converging upon the Huai River. The Banqiao Dam was constructed on the Ru River in 1952 as part of the flood control programme for the Huai River. In 1956, the Banqiao Dam was reconstructed elevating the dam height and improving the capabilities of the reservoir. The Banqiao Dam was constructed so that it could withstand “1-1in-1,000 year flood (306mm rainfall per day)” (Xu, Zhang, & Jia, 2008, p. 164). ...
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