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Coursework example - Contracts

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Engineering and Construction
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Contracts Coursework 10/20/2012 Executive Summary The recommendation described below reflects the assessment of this author based on the provisions indicated by the NEC3-ECC contract frame work. I shall describe an alternative framework that may provide more understanding and coverage as far as ensuring project completion…

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The consultant’s documents were submitted on time, planning permissions gained and quotes received from various contractors. The project was awarded under NEC3-ECC conditions of contract. The Project duration was agreed to be 26 months and payment to the contractor through interim valuations. The project was delayed due to late payment, lack of workmen on site, work behind schedule and late project administrator’s instructions. The contention between the parties was about payment, contractual standing of contractor’s program and principle guiding claim and dispute resolution. The project ran into great difficulties after the 10th month, accusation were exchanged, agreed payments not made and the workmen were pulled off site by the contractor which led to dispute. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 General Principle of Construction contracts 4 Dispute resolution guidelines 5 Comparable Analysis of NEC3-ECC, JCTO5 SBC/Q 6 NEC3-ECC 8 JCTO5 SBC/Q 9 Clear Difference 10 Recommended Approach 11 References/Bibliography 14 Introduction AOS Development is a national housing development company in Edinburgh and has embarked on eighty housing units developments in Skye, Scotland. The consultant’s documents were submitted on time, planning permissions gained and quotes received from various contractors. ...
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