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Abstract Every day human life deals with different objects. Some of the objects are nature made, and some are manmade. Both nature made, and manmade objects undergo evolution. Man does not control nature made objects’ evolution. However, manmade object's evolution is the result of man’s curiosity, inspiration and the urge to solve the needs.


The concept has gone thru series of evolutions, since the birth of knowledge about mixing water, cement, and aggregate. Advent of high performance concrete is the result of this evolution. This research in brief demonstrates different aspects of this remarkable building material and how it has so far served people being an integral part of complex structures. Table of Contents Index Page Introduction 4 Why high performance concrete? 5 Literature Review 7 Purpose 8 Development history of high performance concrete 8 High performance concrete: Concept and exploration 8 Methodology 12 Research approach 13 Analyses 14 Finding and discussion 15 Case study 20 Conclusion 24 Conclusion and recommendation 25 Bibliography 26 Introduction Why high performance concrete? Civil engineering construction uses different building materials. Some are naturally occurring substances, and others are manmade. Concrete is a manmade material using naturally occurring substances. Base material of concrete is water, and cement, while aggregate materials are sand, gravel, crushed stone, blast furnace slag. Base material produces a paste type material in which aggregate materials are bonded. Cementitious binding process of aggregate materials plays a vital role in achieving the end product – concrete. ...
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