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Supply Chain Management Introduction In building services, a small/medium sized company that normally tender for work in the ?0.5m to ?1.5m region, planning to begin tendering for work in the ?1-10m bracket, has to revamp its strategies in line with the scale of operation.


h the finalization of eligibility criteria for enlisting the potential members. Thirdly, an information sheet about the rationale behind the formation of a supply chain needs to be submitted to the management for better understanding of the strategy in proper perspective.  It is in this backdrop, the proposal for building up a supply chain management system and selection of members for partnering discusses the strategy in detail. Procurement strategy Clients in the field of construction are more demanding and the contractors have to keep up to the schedule considering the cost overruns and penalties involved in case of delays. Value for money, timely delivery and quality plays an important role in formulating procurement policies. Therefore, while short-listing the suppliers as members of the supply chain management for partnering, their track record for integrity, timely delivery and dependability is given more weight for consideration. ...
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