The effect of shortining glycan chains linked to the cationic peanut peroxidase on its activity - Dissertation Example

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The effect of shortining glycan chains linked to the cationic peanut peroxidase on its activity

Recent studies have gone further to discover linkages between other sugars like D-Glc, L-Rha and D-GaiNAc and ASn in bacteriai glycoproteins (Neuhoff, 1999). Glycans Structural Features The process of examining glycan sytructures in large numbers has shown that there exist a number of rules which include; the glycans that are N-linked indicate a common Mannotriosedi and N-acetlylchitobiose structural pattern which is linked to a residue of Asn. Most of the plants containing glycoproteins have a residue of Xyl that is attached via f3-1 to 2 linkage extending towards the core of the p-linked Man. The link in some cases extends to GLcNAc proximal via a a-1, 3 bond involving glycoside. The second rule is that the glycans N-linked, with reference to the antenna structures they have, can be easily put into three categories (Neuhoff, 1999). 1. The aligomannose kind where the antennae substitute can only be achieved through adding Man residues 2. Complex type where the its antennae is made up of Fuc, GlcNac, Sia and Gd together with Man residues 3. Hybrid type; this is a representation of the two above types. In the past, the above was believed to only take place in animals yeast and in some cases fungal glycoproteins. Recent studies on agglutinin structure show that such glycans are also found in glycoproteins of higher plants. ...
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Date: Course of Learning: The Effect Of Shortining Glycan Chains Linked To The Cationic Peanut Peroxidase On Its Activity Oligosaccharidt-peptide Linkages One of the most distinctive glycoproteins feature is the primary linkage of the Oligosaccharidt-peptide…
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