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Automatic Greenhouse Control System Name of student: Course: Tutor: Date of submission: Abstract Some of the core parameters that affect plant growth and development include but not restricted to sunlight, amount of water in the soil, temperature and carbon dioxide.


Some of these factors can be controlled by an automated control system designed for a greenhouse as they are some of the main physical factors affecting plant growth and development. Introduction The project aims at controlling the amount of sunlight falling on the leaves thereby controlling the rate of photosynthesis and respiration. The greenhouse system controls the temperature so as not to exceed 500 C a value beyond which enzymes responsible for photosynthesis are denatured. The rate of photosynthesis depends on light intensity and increases with an increase in light intensity during the day. Light intensity can be controlled during the day the purpose of which is the development of the project. During the night it would be impossible to control light intensity if plants are grown outside the greenhouse while inside this is achieved by controlling the lamps. Keeping photosynthesis rates high at night will cause the plants to grow weak and it is advised to only control this rate during the day. Sometimes atmospheric temperatures drop below the optimum values thereby reducing the rates of plant respiration and photosynthesis. This means that the yield would be lower than if the plants are kept at optimum environmental conditions. ...
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