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Concrete, can be defined as a composite material used in construction composed mainly of aggregate, water, and cement. It has several formulations, which give properties that tend to vary.


Cement, usually the Portland cement, and Cementitious materials like slag cement and fly ash are used as a binder in the aggregate. Many chemical admixtures may also be included in order to come up with these varied properties. Liquid normally water is added and mixed with this dry composite, this enables the concrete to be poured (shaped) before solidified and hardened to come up with a rock-hard strength through a process known as hydration. The liquid applied reacts with the cement, forming a bond with other components, finally forming a tough stone-like material. It has a comparatively high compressive strength, nevertheless much lesser tensile strength. It is against this that it is reinforced using other materials which are very strong in tension like steel. Processes that can damage the concrete include freezing of the trapped water.
It is widely used in walls, pavements, brick/ block, foundation, bridges/ overpasses, footings for gates, and even boats. Some of the most famous concrete buildings or structures are like the Burj Khalifa (world's tallest building), the Panama Canal, the Hoover Dam, and the famous Roman Pantheon. ...
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