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Energy Needs in Australia Name Institution Contents I. Introduction 2 A. Problem Statement 3 B. Significance of the Study 3 C. Research Hypotheses 4 D. Research Questions 4 E. Purpose of Study 4 F. Objectives 4 II. Literature Review 5 A. Interpretive Summary 10 III…


People light and heat their houses using energy. People also cook their meals using fuel. The cars, planes, or trains that people use to get to their respective workplaces require energy. Therefore, in essence, energy forms an integral part of our lives. It is the main driver of a country’s economy. Over the years, fossil fuels have been widely used. Perhaps the oldest form of fuel used is wood. During the industrial revolution, coal was used in industries, and in steam ships. Oil and gas have probably been the most depended on forms of energy sources in the world today. Most economies are reliant on oil. However, countries have come off their comfort zones due to the fact that oil will not be forever. Oil, coal, and gas are non-renewable sources of energy. This means that someday, oil, coal, and gas reserves might be depleted from the face of the earth. As the peak oil theory seems to suggest, oil production has already reached its peak and is on the declines. This has been compounded by the fact that the number of oil and gas reserves being struck has decreased significantly. This is despite the fact that energy needs are not decreasing. As economies and populations grow, energy needs are also growing. Therefore, governments need to explore ways in which they can meet their energy needs. One such country is Australia. ...
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