Social policy development for the aged in the modern day context

Social policy development for the aged in the modern day context Dissertation example
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Social Policy Development for the Aged in the Modern Day Context Introduction Most often, taking care of the elderly translates to making sure that their health and medical needs are addressed, but largely ignoring their other requirements. Caring for the aged ideally entails means ensuring that not only health and medical aspects are taken care of, but also their social, emotional and personal needs are acknowledged and addressed (Lloyd-Sherlock, 2002; Petersen, 1999).


Over the past couple of decades, the senior citizens have become contributing members of the society in their own way (Chung, McLarney and Gillen, 2008). The complete change in the perception about the elderly in the past few decades warranted for a change in the way policy makers devised policies to meet their meets. In 2002, under the aegis of United Nations, the Second World Assembly was conducted in Madrid and the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging was declared. The conference proposed a strong plan for providing social care and social development for the elderly, and for providing supportive environments for the same (DESA, 2002). This plan forms the basis of several countries own policies. Though the awareness regarding the need for a social policy for the elders is a recent development, many nations have already formulated policies regarding this. For most developed nations, these policies for the elderly revolve around improving the social status that the senior citizens have and ensuring that they continue to function at their optimum (Voit and Vickers, 2012). ...
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