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Aircraft Materials and Hardware Table of Content Topic Page Aim 2 Introduction 2 Pure aluminum and Aluminum alloys 3 Heat treatment process of aluminum alloys- Solution and precipitation heat treatment 3 Steel 4 Procedure - Carburizing & Nitriding 4 Composite Materials 5 Fiber Reinforced Materials 7 Laminated Structures 7 Plastic 8 Rivets 9 Summary/Conclusion 11 Aircraft Materials and Hardware Aim Awareness and comprehension of the usages, strengths, restrictions, and other features of structural metals is important to suitably make and retain aircraft structures, particularly airframes.


The choice of the right material for a particular overhaul job stresses understanding of the common physical and chemical properties of different metals. Another aspect of aircraft maintenance and repair is that aircraft hardware is frequently ignored since of the insignificant size of the parts. But, selection of right hardware for the use in aircraft is very vital for the efficient operation and safety of any aircraft. The goal of this essay is to emphasize the importance of material, its various process and hardware selection for the use in aircraft structures (, ND). Introduction The earlier aircraft materials must refer timber as the first materials used to create a power-driven aircraft. The Wright brothers involved mainly of Sitka spruce and bamboo fastened and bolted together to make a canvas-covered assembly. Aircraft made by wooden material were very successful in the initial years of flying. Currently, timber is only fit for fairly small aircraft. As the requirement for larger aircraft became unavoidable for the modern society, materials with superior specific strength come to be essential. ...
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